Custom Remanufacturing

We define customer service as a commitment to value and quality based on an understanding of each customer’s goals.
Our modern, efficient production equipment provides optimum value to the value-added process by generating the maximum yield from every board foot of material.  Like all modern industries, evolving technology is shaping the nature of the remanufacturing sector.  We recognized this trend long ago and have kept our production process at the cutting edge.
Computers are now as vital as saw blades and form an integral part of our facilities.  Computerized production scheduling, dry kiln control and sophisticated inventory control systems all streamline the process and benefit the customer.
Quality stems from the pride of workmanship that motivates all our staff.  The many licensed graders at Gillwood continually upgrade and refresh their skills.  Their products meet international standards and are routinely shipped to quality-conscious customers in the United States, Europe and Japan. We are a Council of Forest Industries member through Canadian Mill Services. 
We work closely with every customer to customize a quality-driven production run that will extract the most value with the least waste.  Customers are invited to participate right through to on-time shipping.  We will soon implement a video viewing system so that a customer will be able to see his product being run in real time from anywhere in the world.
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Custom Remanufacturing Gillwood

Custom remanufacturing Gillwood

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