Environment and Safety


Gillwood Remanufacturing Inc is a value-added, environmentally conscious company that believes in sustainability and good governance. This is demonstrated by promoting the use of residual wood fibre in finger jointing and reducing waste of our forest resource. Ultimately this results in taking what was once considered of no value to now providing the means to making high-value engineered wood products. Gillwood channels the sawdust and shavings it makes into fuel for its dry kilns. Trim ends are chipped and sold for use in agriculture or the pulp industry. At the end of the day, nothing is thrown away.


Gillwood Remanufacturing is proud to have an excellent worker safety record. Every work shift begins with a safety meeting of its personnel. In the market place, by using Heat Resistant Adhesive (HRA) in its engineered products, Gillwood ensures that it is on the leading edge of making sure that it meets the latest requirements for safety and fire-wise construction.

Gillwood Remanufacturing Vancouver BC Canada formerly Uneeda Wood Products

Gillwood Remanufacturing Inc

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