Custom Remanufacturing — Moulding & Planing

Gillwood Remanufacturing specializes in taking rough sawn lumber and transforms it into precision shaped, high quality finished products from 1x2” up to 6x12”.  The company’s annual machine capacity is currently about 120,000,000 FBM (285,000 M3).  Equipment includes four moulders and a Stetson Ross planer line that allows for defect trimming and precision end trimming capability.

Our highly skilled grinder personnel can machine moulder heads to create virtually any specified profile.  With more than three decades of milling experience, we can also suggest other profiles to minimize waste and maximize profits



Gillwood Remanufacturing Inc

Plant and Office Location:
6550 Unsworth Road
Chilliwack, B.C. Canada
V2R 4P4
(604) 858-3431